Integrated Pest Control

Noxious Weed
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The Integrated Pest Control Branch (IPC) conducts a wide range of pest management and eradication projects as part of the Division of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services Pest Prevention Program. Assessments and fees are collected for some program activities and services. The Branch cooperates with other California state agencies, federal and county agencies; research institutions; agricultural industries and other non governmental organizations.

  • Biological Control Program - The Biological Control Program works state-wide to help minimize the economic and environmental impact of noxious invasive weeds and exotic insect pests, by facilitating the importation and establishment of their co-evolved natural enemies. This requires the rearing of appropriate natural enemies, testing them for host specificity, their release into the State, and evaluation of their impacts in agricultural, natural, and urban environments.

    Curly Top Virus Control Program - The Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program (BCTVCP) utilizes intensive surveys to locate and monitor BLH populations throughout the year. Once the populations are confirmed, control measures are implemented to control the insect populations and suppress the virus transmission to commercial crops.

    Hydrilla Eradication Program - Performs statewide surveys for Hydrilla and conducts treatments to eradicate Hydrilla from water bodies. CDFA is the lead State agency for the Hydrilla Eradication Program, and cooperates closely with local county agricultural commissioner's and federal, state, county and city agencies, with Native tribes and with private individuals and entities.

    Light Brown Apple Moth Control Program - Conducts statewide trapping surveys to maintain free from pest areas, provides intensive trapping surveys to determine quarantine areas, and conducts treatments when necessary to suppress and control local isolated populations. The project is a federal and state cooperative program that coordinates with the county agricultural commissioners, other state and local agencies, industry and agricultural organizations throughout the State.

    Pink Bollworm Eradication Program - The Pink Bollworm (PBW) Program prevents the establishment and spread of this devastating pest. It follows the basic guidelines and protocols established under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Area-wide PBW Eradication Program

    Vertebrate Pest Control Research Program - The primary objectives of the program are to maintain the California Department of Food and Agriculture's (CDFA) field-use rodenticide registrations, provide public education on wildlife damage management, and to administer the Vertebrate Pest Control Research Program.

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