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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about registering with the State Organic Program?

You can now go online and register at the new State Organic Program website.

Go to your local county ag commissioner's office and ask for Organic Registration Application. Ask the county to issue a pesticide use report for the land you plan on farming organically and then fill out the application. Submit the completed application to the county office.

Do I have to be certified?

That depends on how much money you gross from organic sales. If over $5,000 in estimated or actual sales, your operation requires certification by an independent third party USDA accredited agency, in addition to registration. An exemption to certification is a retail food store that does process on site and only sells to the consuming public. Exemption does not apply if the retail food store repacks or relabels the product.

I have less than $5,000 in sales, or estimated sales, can I still get certified?

Yes, and to be able to use your product in a processed product labeled organic, your product must be certified.