Dairy Matrix

Hearing Petition and Other Documents

Petition Filed by Stop QUIP

Stop QIP Petition

Notice of Public Hearing Scheduled June 9 and 10, 2020

Signed Order of the Secretary

Questions and Answers for participating in remote hearing

Current Hearing

UDF Petition

Notice of Public Hearing Scheduled September 30 and October 1, 2020

Order Re-Opening Record and Request for Briefing Dated October 23, 2020

Results of Petition submitted by United Dairy Families

CDFA response to Order Re-Opening and Request for Briefing

Proposed Decision from OAH dated December 11, 2020

Signed Order of Decision by Secretary dated January 25, 2021

Information Regarding Decision of Order and Referendum

REFERENDUM NOTICE for Amendments to the Quota Implementation Plan, Voting Deadline June 1, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions related to the QIP Amendment Referendum

Due to ADA restrictions, we are not able to post the documents that were submitted by various parties. You can obtain them by requesting them via email from the Departments legal office at CDFA.LegalOffice@cdfa.ca.gov

Department Submission