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Fertilizer Research And Education Program

Searchable Research Database

Since 1990, FREP has funded research on many of California’s important and environmentally sensitive cropping systems. This database aims to make the wealth of information contained in FREP research projects available, understandable, and convenient for growers to implement. See the Crop Fertilization Guidelines for tips on how to improve nutrient management, based on information gleaned from research.

Current Projects

The following is a list of FREP projects that are currently being conducted. Each title links to the project's approved proposal and scope of work. Summaries of many of these projects are featured in previous FREP Conference Proceedings.

Copies of interim and annual project reports are available by contacting FREP at (916) 900-5022 or

Completed Projects

The following is a list of completed FREP projects. Each title links to a PDF of the project's final report. Summaries of many of these projects are available in the FREP Research Database andFREP Conference Proceedings. Some Project Leaders have published their results in academic journals. Reprints of the journal publications may be requested directly from the corresponding authors.