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This is the webpage for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Produce Safety Program's farm data repository.

The Produce Safety Program's mission is to ensure California produce farmers understand how to comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act's (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule, resulting in a safer food supply for the people of California and beyond.

This new central data repository will result in:

  • California farmers having access to the data the Produce Safety Program collects on their farms and operations.
  • California farmers receiving educational, outreach, and prevention strategy communications focused on their farm and business operational needs.
  • Allowing the Produce Safety Program to focus inspection efforts based on food safety risk factors to help ensure a safe and quality food supply for all consumers.

This project will be delivered in two phases and California farmers will be given access in the first phase.

Phase 1

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was released in April 2024. Included in Phase 1 are the following functions for California farmers:

  • Access to farm data collection on one's own farm.
  • Login to online account.
    • Recover username/password.
  • Update farm business information.

California produce farms required to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule will be added into the system on an ongoing, rolling basis. Once added, growers can anticipate receiving a welcome email notification with instructions on how to create an online account and verify their account information.

Phase 2

Included in Phase 2 are the following functions for California farmers:

  • View inspection results for your farm and respond to any action requests as needed.
  • Upload any requested documents.
  • Send and respond to messages within the system.

For CDFA and California farmers, this project will allow for the following:

  • Accessible, searchable, and accurate database.
  • Robust reporting on one's own or aggregated farm inspection data.
  • Ability to verify and update records in one central location.
  • Ability to analyze multiple risk-based prioritization criteria.

Note: Full system functionality of this farm data repository is anticipated in August 2024.

Note: Consistent with Food and Agricultural Code §42653, proprietary information obtained for the purposes of the Produce Safety Program (PSP) is confidential and shall not be disclosed except when required by court order in a judicial proceeding. This information may include but is not limited to information contained in individual inspection reports, names and addresses of farmers, growers, producers, handlers or cooler operators, sales data and noncompliance observations obtained during a PSP inspection.

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