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PPDC Entomology lab


Dome lighting for insect imaging under a microscope


The dome is one of the most versatile of all physical structures. Domes feature prominently in the history of human civilization, serving as lasting landmarks for scientific, religious, political, and artistic achievement. Well known for their inherent strength, dome structures also tend to traject sounds, smells, and reflected light readily, throughout their entire interior space. It is this last aspect, as a natural arena for diffuse lighting, that the dome is exploited for our purposes.

Hagia Sofia, Istanbul
(photo by Robert Raderschatt)

The Pantheon, Rome


Griffith's Observatory, Los Angeles
(photo by Matthew Field)

St. Peter's Cathedral, Vatican City
(photo by Attila Terbócs)


The Domes on UC Davis Campus, Davis, California

David, Florence
displayed in half dome light arena

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