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'Stiletto-flies of Australasia' is an ongoing project that will be continually updated and improved as therevid taxonomy changes. There are numerous undescribed species of therevids awaiting formal scientific description, especially from Australia. As these species are formally described, the key will be updated to accommodate them.

Thank you to Drs Mark Metz and F. Christian Thompson for reviewing and testing the initial draft of this website and Lucid key.

Special thanks go to Matthew Taylor, and Dr Geoff Norton at the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT) for their help and guidance during the development of this key.

All content in this key is subject to copyright. Please click the yellow copyright symbol at the bottom of the page for copyright information. Maps used in this key are used with permission from Bugbog and Digital Wisdom.

An important link to this key includes the Therevidae project lead by Dr Michael Irwin at the University of Illinois. This National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project under the Partnerships Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy (PEET) program entitled "Monograph of the Stiletto Flies of the World" (NSF DEB-99-77958), involved multinational collaborations undertaking extensive fieldwork, data-basing and taxonomic revisions of World Therevidae. One of the authors (CLL) is directly supported by this project. An important product of the therevid PEET project is 'Mandala', the online database of "everything therevid" developed by Gail Kampmeier and Michael Irwin (University of Illinois). Links to both the therevid PEET project and Mandala are found below. Thank you to Mike Irwin for making his large collection of therevidae available for us to examine and photograph; many of the images of pinned specimens are taken of material in the Irwin collection.

This project is an ongoing joint collaboration between the authors at their repective institutions. We would like to thank CDFA, Agri-Canada and CSIRO for allowing us time to devote to this important project.

For more information on this project, or if you have suggestions, updates, omissions and corrections, please contact Shaun L. Winterton ( We would appreciate any feedback.


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