Novakia miloi, male

Novakia miloi, female

Novakia miloi Kerr

Diagnosis: This species is most similar to N. scatopsiformis Strobl in having black to brown legs, medial stem faint to absent and about as long as medial fork, and the gonostylus of the male genitalia with a long, slender internal process. Novakia miloi may be differentiated by the form of the gonostylus, which on its outer surface is rounded evenly and not elongate.

Distribution: Nearctic; above 1200masl in California, USA (Alpine, Calaveras, and San Bernadino Counties).

Etymology: Named in honor of Miles Elias Kerr, born 10 July 2004 and present during the collection of this species.

Comments: The wing of "Novakia sp." illustrated in the Manual of Nearctic Diptera (Vockeroth 1981) is identical to the wing of Novakia miloi and I believe that the two are the same species. This species is commonly caught in Malaise trap samples in California (Alpine, Calaveras, and San Bernadino counties) in or near forested areas above 1200m.

Relevant literature:
Kerr, P.H. (2007) Revision of the Holarctic genus Novakia Strobl (Diptera: Mycetophilidae). Zootaxa.

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SEM anterior view of head.

SEM dorsal oblique view of head.


terminal view of male genitalia


Novakia simillima Strobl
Novakia lisae Kerr