Novakia lisae, male

Novakia lisae, female

Novakia lisae Kerr

Diagnosis: This species is the most distinctive of the genus. The most prominent diagnostic features that separate it from all other Novakia species include pale yellowish or white colored mid and hind legs, antennal bases that touch medially, and lateral ocellus positioned approximately its own diameter or less from eye margin.

Distribution: Nearctic; California, USA (Los Angeles and San Bernadino Counties).

Etymology: Named in honor of Lisa Sofia Kerr, born 3 November 2006.

Comments: This species is only known from the San Gabriel Mountains (near Wrightwood, CA; Los Angeles and San Bernadino counties), where it is sympatric with Novakia miloi.

Relevant literature:
Kerr, P.H. (2007) Revision of the Holarctic genus Novakia Strobl (Diptera: Mycetophilidae). Zootaxa.

SEM anterior view of head.

SEM dorsal oblique view of head.


terminal view of male genitalia


Novakia miloi Kerr
Novakia scatopsiformis Strobl