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County Agricultural Commissioners


Offices in almost all of California's 58 counties: Click here to find your County Agricultural Commissioner


Local enforcement agent for California Dept. of Food & Agriculture and Dept. of Pesticide Regulation. Manage programs and agricultural enforcement activities at the county level.

Activities include:

  bullet Pest Prevention

  bullet Plant Quarantine

  bullet Insect, Disease and Vertebrate Pest Management

  bullet Noxious Weed Control

  bullet Pesticide Use Enforcement for Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

Contact Them

  bullet To purchase rodenticides (anticoagulants, zinc phosphide, gas cartridges).

  bullet To obtain a permit for restricted use materials.

  bullet For necessary form(s) for bird species that may be controlled under the
    general supervision of the Agricultural Commissioner (crowned sparrows,
    horned larks, or house finch).

  bullet To purchase a copy of the Vertebrate Pest Control Handbook.

  bullet For general advice on wildlife damage control, especially concerning
     agricultural pests.