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The Pink Bollworm (PBW) Program has a proud history of producing cotton maps with acreage estimates that are accurate to within 3% of the planted acreage. A complete and accurate map of planted cotton is the cornerstone of each season's PBW Program. The PBW Program's cotton map is a necessary component of trapping and sterile release. The Program's accurate cotton maps have attracted attention of, and have been made available to, cooperating agencies, researchers, and others throughout the cotton industry.

Planted Cotton Map with Acreage Estimates

Accuracy of the Pink Bollworm Program's Cotton Maps

The cotton maps created by the PBW Program are accurate to within 1/10th of a mile and depicts field details such as cut outs for irrigation ponds, structures, canals, etc. PBW trappers are responsible for making any corrections to the map of their trapping zone during the season. Cotton fields, or parts of fields, that are terminated early are deleted from the map and fields that were missed during the mapping effort are added to the season's map. Environmental Scientists performing routine quality assurance inspections of the trapping zones also check the accuracy of the cotton map during the season.