Biocontrol: Program Staff

William Roltsch

William Roltsch

William Roltsch, Ph.D.


Senior Environmental Research Scientist (Entomologist)

B.S., Zoology, 1978, Colorado State University

M.S., Entomology, 1983, University of Arkansas

Ph.D., Entomology, 1987, Michigan State University

Research interests

Dr. Roltsch's areas of research interest include biological control of insects and population ecology. Bill's current work activities pertain to the biological control of the pink hibiscus mealybug (PHM), red gum lerp psyllid (RGLP) and the silverleaf whitefly (SLW). Biocontrol projects include parasite production and release, and assessment of establishment and impact. Implementation and evaluation currently includes the following parasite groups: Aphelinidae (Eretmocerus and Encarsia), Encyrtidae (Anagyrus, Gyranusoidea, and Psyllaephagus) and Platygasteridae (Allotropa). Previous biological control experience includes Trichogramma field ecology and vineyard spider ecology.