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The California biodiversity initiative is an ongoing project to document the state's rich but still poorly understood flora.
In collaboration with the California Department of Parks and Recreation since 2003, the California State Collection of Arthropods (CSCA) and CDFA Herbarium (CDA) maintain a blanket permit for collecting insects and plants throughout the California State Parks system. Although much is known of our state's flora, we are seeking to better understand the biodiversity of our native California flora, and so have teamed up with the State Parks system and a small team of collaborators to do this small scale survey work. These surveys are intended to provide useful data on the composition, distribution, and biological affinities of California's flora. The State Parks have critical representation of the native California flora and fauna, so it is critical to understand and preserve this resource for future generations of Californians.

Our California State Park system displays and protects beautiful places with many active, untold wonders. With this initiative, we hope to reveal some of these wonders so that they (and the Parks) are more fully appreciated and understood. At the CDFA Herbarium, we are happy to share what we learn with others, especially with those who hold our natural areas in high esteem.

State Parks


Great Valley Grasslands State Park

Information about Great Valley Grasslands State Park

Merced County

The 2004 collecting efforts of Senior Plant Systematist Fred Hrusa yielded many plants, including the following species: Achyrachaena mollis Schauer; Alopecurus saccatus Vasey; Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) Nels. & Macbr. var. intermedia (F. & M.) Ganders; Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) Nels. & Macbr. var. menziesii sensu Ganders in Jeps. Man. 1993; Bromus diandrus Roth; Calandrinia ciliata (R. & P.) DC.; Callitriche marginata Torr.; Chamomilla occidentalis (E. Greene) Rydb.; Claytonia parviflora Hook. ssp. parviflora sensu Chambers in Jeps. Man. 1993; Crassula aquatica (L.) Schinol.; Crassula connata (Lopez & Pavon) Berger; Deschampsia danthonioides (Trin.) Benth.; Distichlis spicata (L.) Greene; Downingia bella Hoov.; Eleocharis macrostachya Britt.; Filago gallica L.; Hordeum depressum (Scribn. & Smith) Rydb.; Lamium amplexicaule L.; Lasthenia californica Lindl.; Lasthenia fremontii (A. Gray) E. Greene; Lepidium dictyotum A. Gray; Lepidium nitidum (Torrey) A. Gray; Lepidium nitidum T. & G. var. nitidum sensu Rollis in Jeps. Man. 1993; Lilaea scillioides (Poir.) Hauman; Marsilea vestita Hook & Grev. ssp. vestita sensu Smith & Lemieux in Jeps. Man. 1993; Myosurus minimus L.; Plagiobothrys canescens Benth.; Plantago coronopus L.; Plantago elongata Pursh; Rorippa palustris (L.) Besser var. occidentalis (Wats.) Rollins; Sisymbrium irio L.; Spergularia bocconii (Scheele) Merino; Stellaria pallida (Dumort.) Pire; Trifolium depauperatum Dasv.; Trifolium depauperatum Desv. var. truncatum (Greene) Isely.