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Vertebrates: USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

Location Headquarters in California
California State Office, Sacramento
North District
Sacramento District
Central District
San Luis District
South District
Directory - United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services

- California Department of Food and Agriculture Animal Health Branch Wildlife Services Program
Responsibilities Provide advice and information regarding wildlife damage management, provide services (e.g., predator trapping, nuisance wildlife removal) on a contract basis; assist with federal permit applications for bird control; conduct wildlife hazard surveys at airports; protect endangered species from wildlife depredations.
Contact Them - For general advice and information on wildlife damage control.

- When a federal depredation permit is required for lethal bird control.

- For damage problems and removal of predators (coyotes, mountain lions) and nuisance wildlife (skunks, racoons, beaver, pigeons, waterfowl).