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Historical Publications and Series

Occasional Papers in Entomology

1959-1985, irregular series, published under three different names: the Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) (1959-1972), the Occasional Papers (Entomology, State of California) (1974), and the Occasional Papers in Entomology (1975-1985).

PDF versions of all are available below. Some reprints are still available upon request to
  1. Keifer, H. H. 1959a. Eriophyid Studies XXVII. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 1: 18 pp., 12 plates. (5.3MB)
  2. Keifer, H. H. 1959b. Eriophyid Studies XXVIII. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 2: 20 pp, 15 plates. (10MB)
  3. Snelling, R. R. 1963. The United States species of fire ants of the genus Solenopsis, subgenus Solenopsis Westwood with synonym of Solenopsis aurea Wheeler. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 3: 11 pp, 2 plates. (0.7MB)
  4. Kono, T. 1964a. Thysanoptera Studies 1: Three new tubuliferous thrips. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 4: 13 pp., 6 plates. (2.7MB)
  5. Thompson, R. M. & G. M. Buxton. 1964. An index of the Acridoidea of California, with selected references. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 5: 62 pp. (2.4MB)
  6. Kono, T. 1964b. Thysanoptera Studies 2: The new generic status of Anaphotrhips arizonensis Morgan, with the description of the male. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 6: 4 pp., 2 plates. (1.4MB)
  7. Gurney, A. B. & G. M. Buxton. 1965. New California grasshoppers of the genus Melanoplus. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 7: 7 pp., 4 plates. (2.4MB)
  8. Gillogly, L. R. 1965. A key to the genera of the subfamily Nitidulinae and description of a new genus and a new species. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 8: 24 pp., 2 plates. (1.7MB)
  9. Cartwright, O. L. 1966. A new species of Ceratophyus found in California. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 9: 7 pp., 2 plates. (0.8MB)
  10. Ritcher, P. O. 1967. Keys for identifying larvae of Scarabaeoidea to the family and subfamily. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 10: 8 pp. (1.8MB)
  11. Buckett, J. S. & M. R. Gardner. 1968. Revision of the milliped genus Harpaphe Cook from Western North America. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 11: 51 pp., 12 plates. (4.1MB)
  12. Buckett, J. S. 1968a. Revision of the Nearctic moth genus Abagrotis Smith with descriptions of new species. Part 1. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 12: 21 pp. (2.6MB)
  13. Gurney, A. B. & G. M. Buxton. 1968. Grasshoppers of the genus Karokia and of the saltator, immunis and harperi species groups of the genus Melanoplus in California and Oregon. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 13: 56 pp. (2.4MB)
  14. Buckett, J. S. 1968b. Revision of the Nearctic moth genus Abagrotis Smith with descriptions of new species. Part 2. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 14: 16 pp. (0.8MB)
  15. Buckett, J. S. 1968c. Revision of the Nearctic moth genus Abagrotis Smith with descriptions of new species. Part 3. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 15: 29 pp. (1.4MB)
  16. Buckett, J. S. 1968d. Revision of the Nearctic moth genus Abagrotis Smith with descriptions of new species. Part 4. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 16: 27 pp. (1.3MB)
  17. Buckett, J. S. 1968c. Revision of the Nearctic moth genus Abagrotis Smith with descriptions of new species. Part 5. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 17: 27 pp., 33 plates. (12.4MB)
  18. Okumura, G. T. & W. R. Bauer. 1969. A new species of Heliothis resembling Heliothis zea (Boddie), corn earworm. Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 18: 8 pp., 2 plates. (1.3MB)
  19. Wasbauer, M. S. 1972. An annotated host catalog of the fruit flies of America north of Mexico (Diptera: Tephritidae). Occasional Papers (Bureau of Entomology) 19: 172 pp. (6.8MB)
  20. Hardy, A. R. 1974. Revisions of Thyce LeConte and related genera (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Occasional Papers (Entomology, State of California) 20: 47 pp. (14MB)
  21. Eichlin, T. D. 1975. Guide to the adult and larval Plusiinae of California (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 21: 73 pp. (16MB)
  22. Andrews, F.. G. 1976. Akalyptoischion, a new genus of Lathridiidae from Western North America (Coleoptera). Occasional Papers in Entomology 22: 23 pp. (2.7MB)
  23. Hardy, A. R. 1977. A revision of the Hoplia of the Nearctic Realm (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 23: 48 pp. (5.5MB)
  24. Gill, R. J., S. Nakahara, & M. L. Williams. 1977. A review of the genus Coccus Linnaeus in America north of Panama (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 24: 44 pp. (7.4MB)
  25. Andrews, F. G. 1978. Taxonomy and host specificity of Nearctic Alloxystinae with a catalog of the world species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 25: 128 pp. (45MB)
  26. Duckworth, W. D.& T. D. Eichlin. 1977. A classification of the Sesiidae of America north of Mexico (Lepidoptera: Sesioidea). Occasional Papers in Entomology 26: 54 pp. (2.3MB)
  27. Duckworth, W. D. & T. D. Eichlin. 1978. The clearwing moths of California (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 27: 80 pp. (34MB)
  28. Harris, R. A. 1979. A glossary of surface sculpturing. Occasional Papers in Entomology 28: 31 pp., 8 plates, 44 figs. (11MB)
  29. Buxton, G. M., D. B. Thomas and R. C. Froseschner. 1983. Revision of the species of the sayi-group of Chlorochroa Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology 29: 24 pp. (2.5MB)
  30. Aalbu, R. L. & F. G. Andrews. 1985. New species, relationships and notes on the biology of the endogean tentyriine genus Typhlusecus (Tenebrionidae: Stenosini). Occasional Papers in Entomology 30: 28 pp. (12MB)