Weed Education

Do you need to educate somebody in your region, county, community, school, or state about noxious and invasive weed species? Would a nice brochure, handout, video, or resource guide help you accomplish your task? Do not know where to even begin looking? Well you are in luck!

The Integrated Pest Control Branch of the California Department of Food and Agriculture has developed and will continue to add to a Weed Education (Weed Ed) Clearing House of Education outreach products that already exist. Do not reinvent the wheel and create something that has already been developed.

Do you have an invasive species Education outreach product (brochure, handout, video, resource, etc.) that could be added to this Weed Ed Clearing House? If so, e-mail Terrance Lorick at tlorick@cdfa.ca.gov

Check out our site for scanned covers of education outreach projects, descriptions of these projects and contact information about who produced the product.

Contact Information

Program Manager: Terrance Lorick
E-mail: tlorick@cdfa.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-0573