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The Integrated Pest Control Branch conducts a wide range of pest management and eradication projects as part of the Division of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services Pest Prevention Program. Assessments and fees are collected for some program activities and services. The Branch cooperates with other California state agencies, federal and county agencies; research institutions; agricultural industries and other non governmental organizations.

Definition of Integrated Pest Management:

"Optimum combination of control methods including biological, cultural, mechanical, physical and/or chemical controls to reduce pest populations to an economical acceptable level with as few harmful effects as possible on the environment and nontarget organisms."

R.L. Hix,CA Agric. Magazine, 55:4 (2001)

Regional Districts Map

Noxius Weed District Map

Click on the map to find the name and contact information of the biologist responsible for the counties in each district.


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