Current Referenda Status

Producers, handlers or processors — who are directly affected by a marketing order — may vote under the California Marketing Act using a referendum method. Approval of a referendum requires a specified percentage of the number of producers or handlers (such as the 40 percent participation requirement) and a specified percentage of the volume of the commodity produced or handled during a given period. Under the referendum procedure, a 30–day voting period is allowed, with an extension not to exceed 15 days.

Similar to marketing orders, for assessment payers to implement a new commission law, each commission has its own provision for a referendum. Most commissions provide for similar voting requirements as that of advisory boards under the California Marketing Act — at least 40 percent participation and a super– majority vote by volume of production and by number of voters. For most commission laws, the voting period can be any length up to 60 days. If less than 60 days, the voting period can be extended so long as the total voting period does not exceed 60 days.

This table shows all current referenda related to California’s marketing programs, including proposed marketing orders, major and minor amendments to current marketing programs as well as continuation referendums.

Program Referendum Type 40% Participation Requirement % of Ballots Recieved To Date Final Submission Date Results Announcement Date Final Results
Citrus Research Board Continuation Yes 57.56%
June 2, 2022