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Feed and Livestock Drugs inspection program

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Feed Inspection Program

Inspectors and Investigators located throughout the state conduct routine sampling and inspections, quality assurance inspections of feed manufacturing facilities, respond to consumer complaints, and enforce the laws and regulations that govern the manufacturing distribution of livestock feed. The Feed Inspection Program along with the feed manufacturing industry ensures a clean and wholesome supply of milk and meat as well as providing assurance that the product received by the consumer is the quality and quantity purported by the manufacturer. This program is funded through the collection of a licensing fee and inspection fee based on tonnage sold.

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Commercial Feed Program Fees

  • Licensing Fees
    Each person shall obtain a license from the secretary for each location where commercial feed is manufactured, distributed, sold, or stored for later sale. Commercial Feed Licensing is for one year, beginning July 1st and expiring June 30th of the following year. The current annual licensing fee is $500. Licensing application can be obtained here.
  • Tonnage Fees
    Any person who distributes commercial feed to a consumer-buyer in California shall pay an inspection tonnage tax on commercial feed sold except for whole hays when unmixed and whole grains. The inspection tonnage tax is currently twelve cents ($0.12) per ton. Inspection tonnage tax is due on a quarterly basis.

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Feed Inspection Advisory Board

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  • John Walth, Chairperson
  • John Kauffmann, Vice Chairperson
  • Marit Arana, Member
  • Michael Koewler, Member
  • Paul Pererria, Member
  • Thomas W. Prokop, Member
  • John Silva, Member
  • Doug Stabelfeld, Member
  • Tim Riordan, Public Member

Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program

As part of the Feed Inspection Program, the Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program, promotes feed safety and security through outreach and education, and performs Voluntary Feed Quality Assurance Audits.

Livestock Drug Program

The Livestock Drug Program regulates over-the-counter livestock drugs. A program Registration Specialist reviews the livestock drugs for safety and efficacy. Particularly, livestock drugs intended for food production animals should be used in a way as not to cause a drug residue in food products derived from these animals. Fees are collected for licensing and registration to fund this program. Veterinarian prescriptions are exempt from registration. (More/Less)

Livestock Drugs Registration Fees

The fee for a two-year Livestock Drug Product Registration is one hundred eighty dollars ($180) per product. The registration period will commence beginning January 1 of each even-numbered year and expire on December 31 of the next odd-numbered year. The fee for a registration application submitted during an odd-numbered year is ninety dollars ($90) per product and will expire in December of the same year. The Livestock Drug application can be obtained here.

Restricted Livestock Drugs Licensing Fees

A retail license is required for each location from which restricted livestock drugs are sold. The annual retail license is valid for one year, beginning January 1st and expiring December 31st. The current annual fee is $50. Licensing application can be obtained here.