California Department of Food and Agriculture

Dairy Licenses — Applications and Permits

Milk Handler License

Every person who purchases, handles, or receives bulk unprocessed or pasteurized manufacturing or market milk for the purpose of manufacture, processing, sale, or other handling, must have a milk handler processor license. The license is required by the owner, agent, broker, or intermediary purchasing unprocessed or pasteurized bulk milk (including Cream or Condensed Skim) from a producer (including a cooperative), a producer-handler, or another handler.

New Milk Handler Application

Renewal Milk Handler Application

Instructions for Completion of Milk Handler Applications

Milk Handler Bond Form

Milk Handler Credit Card Payments (for license renewals only)

Distributor (Handler) License

Every handler, broker, agent, non-profit cooperative, or delivery route operator that sells milk, cream, or other dairy products to wholesale customers, provided 50% or more of their business is related to milk and dairy product distribution.

New Distributor (Handler) Application

Renewal Distributor (Handler) Application

Instructions for Completion of Distributor (Handler) Applications

Distributor (Handler) Credit Card Payments (for license renewals only)

Dairy Farms and Dairy Plant Licenses

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