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Encycloweedia: Acknowledgements

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The information in the weed sheets was gathered and prepared by staff in the Non-Cropland Weed group of the U.C. Cooperative Extension Service, in the Weed Science Program, Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis, CA 95616.

Evelyn A. Healy, Post-graduate Researcher, prepared the information on weed identification and biology.

Stephen Enloe, graduate student, prepared the information on management and control.

Dr. Joseph M. DiTomaso, Weed Specialist, is the major professor and director of the laboratory.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture, Integrated Pest Control Branch, provided the support for the development of the weed information sheets and is the home for the web site.

This project was supervised by Steve Schoenig and Patrick Akers. The actual work was done by several student assistants and scientific aides: LaShanni Butler, and most especially, Julie Garvin.

Please note that the photographs of the weeds have identifications and acknowledgments printed within them. You are free to use the photographs for personal or non-commercial use but please do not alter the acknowledgments.