California Department of Food and Agriculture

Dairy History/Background Information

Milk Pricing Information:
Informational files on California dairy pricing and policy issues, including information on milk pricing formulas, milk pricing hearings, milk marketing areas, regulation of milk, classification of dairy products, history of milk pooling, and a comparison of California and Federal milk marketing orders.

Dairy Glossary: Index of Terms and Definitions

Bulk Milk Marketing Guide:
Handler rights and responsibilities, producer rights and responsibilities, Department of Food and Agriculture’s enforcement authority.

Dairy Processing Plants – Listed by Type
List of dairy processing plants with type of product processed, including contact telephone number:
Excel file
PDF file

Alphabetic Handler List
Looking for a specific handler? Now you can check the Handlers Listed Alphabetically document to locate a specific handler by name:
Plant Type Handler Codes Defined
PDF file

Classification of Dairy Products:
List of dairy products and the class into which they categorized (Class 1, 2, 3, 4a or 4b) for the purpose determining the minimum price that must be paid for the milk used.

Milk and Dairy Product Marketing Provisions:
Discussion of the most common unlawful practices – sales below cost, price discrimination and slotting allowances.

Pool Quota FAQ Brochure:
Frequently asked questions regarding quota and transfers of quota.