Cost of Production Feedback

The cost of production Feedback is comprehensive reports pertaining solely to the dairy enterprise. This information includes all costs and activities related only to milking and dry (total) cows. It does not include information relating to calf raising, heifer raising and other farming enterprises. The Feedback is designed to provide a constructive tool for better decision making and to closely reflect the actual cost of producing milk. The Feedback is a condensed version of the Cost Comp, line items match for the glossary of terms. All costs are based on a per cow per month basis, unless otherwise noted.

The Feedbacks are broken down into regions called North Coast, North Valley, South Valley, and Southern California (see regional map for detailed boundaries). Other specialty feedbacks are produced for Organic herds, Jersey herds, Mixed, Crossbred, & Other herds, and 3x Milking (cows that are milked three times a day).

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