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Plant Pest Diagnostics Center

Dean G. Kelch

Dr. Dean G. Kelch

former Senior Plant Taxonomist

Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food & Agriculture
3294 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA 95832-1448, U.S.A.
916-262-1100 office, 916-262-1190 fax, dkelch@cdfa.ca.gov


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Curriculum vitae


  • Doctor of Philosophy  Botany & Systematics, University of California, Davis, 1996 .
  • Master of Science Botany, University of California, Davis, 1987 .
  • Bachelor of Science Botany, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1984 .


  • 2011-present, Primary State Botanist, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • 2008-2011, Senior Plant Taxonomist, CDFA Herbarium, Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • 2006-2008, Associate Plant Taxonomist, CDFA Herbarium, Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • 2003-present, Assistant Researcher, University of California
  • 2002-2003, Associate Specialist, University of California
  • 2000-2002, USDA postdoctoral fellow, Plant Systematics, University of California
  • 1997-2000, Director, Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, California

Professional Activities

  • 2007, President, California Botanical Society
  • 2007, Past-President, San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society
  • 2006, President, San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society



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Synergistic Activities

  • President, California Botanical Society 2006-present
  • Collection and curation of plant specimens collected in expeditions to the Mediterranean Region, South America, the South Pacific, and South Africa Jepson Herbarium Cirsium Workshop leader, June, 2002 and 2005.
  • Botanical consultant to Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC)
  • Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley 2004-2007

Collaborators and Other Affiliates

    Bruce G. Baldwin (U.C. Berkeley), Raymond Cranfill (U.C. Berkeley), Alec McClay (Alberta Research Council), Linda Vorobik (University of California, Berkeley), Grady Webster (University of California, Davis), Brent Mishler (University of California, Berkeley), Paul Wolf (Utah State University), Ken Karol (University of Washington, Seattle), Dina Mandoli (University of Washington, Seattle), Jennifer Kuehl (Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, CA), K. Arumuganathan (Benaroya Research Institute, Seattle, WA), Richard Olmstead (University of Washington, Seattle), Jeffrey Boore (Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, CA), Linda Raubeson (Central Washington University) Sarah Mathews (Harvard University), Aaron Liston (Oregon State University), Andrea Schwarzbach (Kent State University) Christopher Campbell (University of Maine), Dennis W. Stevenson (New York Botanic Garden), Gar W. Rothwell (Ohio State University), Gene Mapes (Ohio State University), Jianhua Li (Harvard University), Rich Cronn (U.S. Forest Service), Robert Adams (Baylor University), Ruth Stockey (University of Alberta), William Friedman (University of Colorado), Sean Graham (University of British Columbia).

Graduate and post-Doctoral advisors of Dean G. Kelch

  • Graduate Advisor: Grady Webster (University of California, Davis)
  • Post-Doctoral advisors: Bruce Baldwin & Brent Mishler (University of California, Berkeley)