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NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-20-03 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Field Reference Document 06/16/20 Retain Until Superseded
D-20-02 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Frequently Asked Questions 06/16/20 Retain Until Superseded
D-20-01 Suitable Scales for Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis: Further Clarification 01/31/20 Retain Until Superseded


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-19-08 Approval Seal Color Rotation through 2028 10/15/19 12/31/2028
D-19-07 Vapor Recovery Nozzle Servicing and Replacement on Liquid-Measuring Devices 10/15/19 Retain
D-19-06 Repaired and Rebuilt Approved Devices and Elements – Type Approval Requirements 10/1/19 Retain Until Superseded
D-19-05 Posting of Taxi Rate Requirements 09/26/19 Retain
D-19-04 Witness testing of Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices 09/26/19 Retain
WM-19-01/D-19-03 Clarification of Regulations for CalCannabis Licensees 09/13/19 Retain Until Superseded
D-19-02 Replacement of Hoses of Nozzles on Liquid Measuring Devices 06/25/19 Retain Until Superseded
D-19-01R Suitable Scales for Medical and Adult Use Cannabis 06/21/19 Retain Until Superseded


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-18-1 Schedule of Uniform Fees – County Testing of Commercial Devices 06/01/18 Retain
D-18-2 CTEP Certificates of Approval vs. NTEP Certificates of Conformance 10/12/18 Retain
D-18-3 Commercial Water Meter Devices – Marking and Sealing Requirements 12/11/18 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-17-1 Registered Service Agencies: Proof of Standards Certification 01/13/17 Retain
D-17-2 Schedule of Fees (Rescinded June 1, 2018 - See DMS Notice D-18-1) 03/07/17 06/01/2018
D-17-3 Seeking Test Data on Hydrogen Gas-Measuring Devices 04/10/17 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-16-1 Review and Survey of Approval Seals 02/09/16 Retain
D-16-3 Payment Card Skimmer Survey 05/13/16 Retain
D-16-4 Medical Cannabis Regulatory Requirements Brochure 06/20/16 Retain
D-16-5 Registered Service Agencies and Registered Service Agents 07/9/16 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-15-1 Stolen Taximeter Alert 02/11/15 Retain
D-15-2 Rescinded DMS Notice D-11-02 02/13/15 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-14-1 Workgroups to Update Device Enforcement Program Manual 05/09/14 N/A


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-13-1 Electronic California Type Evaluation Program Certificates of Approval 02/12/2013 Retain
D-13-2 Registered Service Agent Examination Change in Examination Procedures 02/12/13 Retain
D-13-3 Non-Coin Operated Water Dispenser Vending Machines 02/25/13 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-12-1 Adopt CCR Sections 4000.1, 4000.2, and 4000.3 CA Type Approval Fees 01/05/12 December 2012
D-12-2 Type Evaluation Intergovernmental Fee Schedule 01/05/12 Retain
D-12-3 Registered Service Agents Online Examination 07/16/12 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-11-1 Stolen Weights and Measures Seals - Fresno County 02/16/11 Retain
D-11-2 Registration of Mobile Home Park Owners/Managers/Employees as RSA and SA
Rescinded January 6, 2015. See DMS Notice D-15-02 for update.
04/14/11 01/06/2015
D-11-3 Division of Measurement Standards RSA NOPA 09/08/11 Retain
D-11-4 Searchable CTEP Database 10/14/11 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-10-1R Revised Purchase & Sale of Scrap Precious Metals (jewelry or scrap) 02/12/10 Retain
D-10-2 Type Evaluation Inter Governmental Fee Schedule 04/01/10 Retain
D-10-3 Type Evaluation Fee Schedule 04/01/10 Retain
D-10-5 Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. (VST) nozzles 10/04/10 Retain
D-10-6 Stolen Taximeters 12/02/10 Retain
D-10-7 Type Evaluation Intergovernmental Fee Schedule 12/30/10 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-09-1 Water Meter Training 01/22/09 Retain
D-09-2 Service Agency Exam B 03/25/09 Retain
D-09-3 Service Agency Placed in Service Report 07/29/09 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-08-1 Control of Official Seals/Badges 01/07/08 Retain
D-08-2 Updated Electric Meter EPO - Device Enforcement Program Manual 03/24/08 Retain
D-08-3 Utility Supply of America Settlement 05/15/08 Retain
D-08-4 Acceptable Abbreviations for Indicating and Recording Devices 07/29/08 Retain
D-08-5 Rescinded DMS Notice P-07-3 / D-07-4 08/26/08 Retain
D-08-6 Agent License Exam "C" 10/14/08 Retain
D-08-7 Pitney Bowes Correspondence 11/06/08 11/07/2009
D-08-8 Park Billing Settlement 11/13/08 Retain
D-08-9 Unapproved Devices Used to Dispense E85 Ethanol, "Biodiesel" and Other
Developmental Fuels
11/19/08 10/31/2009
D-08-10 Stolen Taximeters 11/26/08 Retain
D-08-11 Schedule of Fees (Rescinded June 1, 2018 - See DMS Notice D-18-1) 12/18/08 06/01/2018


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-07-1 Survey of Fuel Temperature Delivered from Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers 03/07/07 Retain
D-07-2 Suitability of Liquid Measuring Devices Used With Ethanol and "Biodiesel"
04/02/07 Retain
D-07-3 Fuel Temperature Survey 04/10/07 Retain
D-07-5 California Fuel Temperature Survey - Online Data Entry 06/01/07 Retain
D-07-6 Type Evaluation Inter-Governmental Fee Schedule 12/03/07 Retain
D-07-7 Type Evaluation Fee Schedule 12/03/07 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-06-1 Retail Meter Calibration by Proving Meter 10/12/06 Retain
D-06-2 Questions Regarding Newly Approved Customer Indicated Water Submeters 12/26/06 Retain
D-06-3 Submeter Survey 2006 12/26/06 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-05-1 Registered Service Agency and Agent Information 07/01/05 Retain
D-05-3 Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser, Price Computing Capability 09/06/05 Retain
D-05-4 Testing Schedule for Service Agent Licenses 09/30/05 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-04-1 Water Meter Tolerance Revisions 01/23/04 Retain
D-04-2 Revocation of Type Approval 04/13/04 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-03-1 Water Meter Device 02/21/03 Retain
D-03-2 Device Schedule of Fees 03/28/03 Retain
D-03-3 Measurement of Ethanol Blended Gasoline 04/15/03 Retain
D-03-4 Airline Baggage Scale 06/13/03 Retain
D-03-5 Utility Submeter Testing and Complaint Investigations 07/01/03 Retain
D-03-6 California Certificates of Approval Web Availability 10/23/03 Retain
D-03-7 Location of Marking Information; Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers 11/14/03 Retain
D-03-8 Written Notice Device Repairs 12/02/03 Retain
D-03-9 Schedule of Fees (Rescinded June 1, 2018 - See DMS Notice D-18-1) 12/18/03 06/01/2018


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-02-1 California Type Approvals 02/26/02 Retain
D-02-2 Device Schedule of Fees - Rescinded January 5, 2012 - New DMS Notice
05/07/02 01/05/2012
D-02-4 Service Agency Registration and Agent Licensing Information 12/06/02 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D-01-1 Statewide Computing Scale Survey 01/23/01 January 2002
D-01-2 Revocation of Type Approval 03/20/01 Retain
D-01-3 Ticket Printers on Vehicle Tank Meters (Non-retroactive Requirement) 06/19/01 Retain
D-01-4 Replacement of Hoses or Nozzles on Gasoline Dispensers 06/25/01 Retain
D-01-5 Parcel Shipping Scales Interfaced with Computers and Software 06/26/01 Retain