Detector Dog Agent
and Dog Handler Diana Eckert

Los Angeles County

Detector Dog Agent
Detector Dog Agent

Not just any dog can become a California Agriculture Detector Dog. It takes a special set of attributes before a dog is even considered for selection and training. All of our dogs come from animal shelters and rescue groups but they have all demonstrated that they have what it takes: all are physically healthy, friendly, have low anxiety levels and a high food drive (for training motivation).

Dog Handler Diana Eckert

Detector Dog Handler Diana EckertThe dogs and their handlers must complete an intensive 10-week training course at the USDA’s National Detector Dog Training Center in Newnan, GA, as well as an extended additional training regimen after arrival, prior to beginning actual inspections in California.

The large numbers of interceptions made by the California Dog Teams over an extended period of time have demonstrated that unmarked parcels present an extremely active high-risk pathway for harmful pests to enter California.

Agent was a service dog who was donated to the USDA’s National Agricultural Detector Dog program due to his independent nature and excessive energy. He is one of three agriculture detector dogs currently assigned to Los Angeles County. The dogs and their handlers work in parcel facilities, such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, looking for unmarked and possibly infested agriculture items being sent through the mails.

Agent is particularly suited for the work as he has a strong work drive, incredible focus, and endless enthusiasm. When Agent is not working, he enjoys running, playing tug-o-war, and digging holes to bury his toys in.

Agent was born January 31, 2014. His favorite treat flavor is bacon and his favorite toys include his Kong Wubba and his rope.

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