Marketing Branch

California's diverse agricultural industry benefits all Californians by creating jobs, expanding our economic base, and by providing an abundant supply of food and other agricultural products.

Our mission: We assure the fair, practical, and sound operation of agricultural marketing programs for the benefit of California agriculture and the people of California.

To accomplish our mission, the branch provides administrative guidance and enforcement services, on the department’s behalf, to marketing programs that operate under the California Food and Agricultural Code, thus assuring the agricultural industry and the public that the programs are being handled according to legislative intent.

All branch operations are funded 100 percent by agricultural funds through reimbursement from marketing orders, agreements, councils and commissions .

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General Overview Detailed Overview Marketing Branch Services Program Liaisons Current Referenda Status California Marketing Act Please contact the Marketing Branch at 916-900-5018 to receive a copy of the 4th edition of the policy manual. The 5th edition of the Policies for Marketing Programs is in the final stages of development and will be posted in the Spring. CDFA Policy for Grievance Procedure Guidelines on Advertising, Promotion and Communications for Commodity Marketing Programs Accounting Guidelines & General Rules Manual for Agreed Upon Procedures