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SACRAMENTO, March 2, 2011 The California Department of Food and Agriculture is announcing four vacancies on the California Avocado Inspection Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the CDFA secretary on all matters pertaining to the California Avocado Inspection Program.

The California Avocado Inspection Program protects consumers and avocado growers by providing uniform inspections on avocados, ensuring that the product meets maturity and size requirements, contains minimal defects and has an appropriate package count.  This program ensures that avocadoes purchased by consumers have met with the standards established by the industry to provide a quality product to the marketplace. This program is funded by avocado growers through voluntary fees and assessments.

Committee vacancies include: one grower representative, two handler representatives and an alternate handler representative. The term of office for committee members is two years and members receive no compensation but are entitled to payment of necessary travel expenses.

Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment should send a letter of consideration and include a letter of recommendation from an avocado handler or grower. Nominations will be accepted until positions are filled. Applications should be sent to Donella Boreham, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Avocado Inspection Program, 326 State Place, Escondido, CA 92029 or e-mailed to

For further information on the Avocado Inspection Program and committee vacancies, contract Donella Boreham at (760) 743-4712


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