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SACRAMENTO, April 10, 2008-Today, Secretary of California Department of Food & Agriculture, A.G. Kawamura released the following statement regarding the release of the joint study of pheromone usage in the Light Brown Apple Moth eradication project:
“I commend the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Department of Pesticide Regulation and California Department of Public Health for their hard work and thorough look at every report of health symptoms following the use of the pheromone Checkmate in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.
“It’s my hope today’s report will help ease the minds of those concerned about the Light Brown Apple Moth eradication program and open a positive dialogue. I understand the concern and assure Californians that the USDA and CDFA will continue to pursue the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly eradication program in our state’s history. California must lead in solving the Light Brown Apple Moth threat before it crosses borders into other states, agricultural regions and environments.
“I am committed to continuing an open, transparent process and will continue to encourage public dialogue and the dissemination of factual information about the eradication program. This study serves as a reminder for us to always look to credible sources for information. Unfortunately, we have all heard a significant amount of incorrect information that fills Californians with unwarranted fear, so today, I hope for a renewed openness between CDFA and our communities that will end the spreading of disinformation.  
“I took an oath to protect California's best assets - our people, our environment and our commodities. In that spirit, I know we are obligated to rid our state and country of this destructive pest and I hope the report  by California's trusted leaders in public health and pesticide regulation will help ease minds that we are going to do so in the safest way possible for each and every treasured asset I am obligated to protect.
"I encourage each and every Californian to learn more about our program. Our Web site is a good place to start." 

Over the last year, Secretary Kawamura has been devoted to traveling the state and talking with local leaders and attending public workshops to educate Californians on the LBAM eradication project and address concerns.  
Link to the OEHHA, DPR, and DPH report can be found here

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