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Governor proposes $9 billion comprehensive plan
SACRAMENTO – CDFA Secretary A.G. Kawamura is urging support for a $9 billion comprehensive water plan introduced today by Governor Schwarzenegger.  The governor’s plan would include $5.6 billion for above and below ground water storage; $1.9 billion for Delta restoration and water supply reliability; $1 billion in grants for conservation and regional water projects; $600 million from propositions 50, 84 and 1E to immediately relieve pressure on the Delta from environmental concerns; and $500 million in grants for specified watersheds throughout the state, including the San Joaquin River, Klamath River, Los Angeles River and others.

“The governor’s plan is vital to California’s future,” said Secretary Kawamura. “We need a program that provides flood protection and storage increases for farmers, businesses, and entire communities. This plan achieves that. Governor Schwarzenegger has come up with the right proposal at the right time. The need couldn’t be greater.”

The following organizations have pledged their support:

Western Growers Association Board of Directors Chairman Stephen Patricio – “California farmers are very hopeful that the governor and the legislature will finally take action on a comprehensive plan that includes surface water storage and improved Delta conveyance.”

California Grape and Tree Fruit League President Barry Bedwell – “The governor truly ‘gets it’ and should be commended for seeing the big picture when it comes to California’s future.”

California Farm Bureau Federation President Doug Mosebar – “Thanks to the governor’s leadership, policy makers in Sacramento are now focused on the need to improve our state’s water supply…We have a unique opportunity to pursue balanced water policies that benefit all Californians and we must seize that opportunity.” 

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