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Handlers may sign up immediately

SACRAMENTO, January 24, 2007 The proposed Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, which would establish an inspection program for handlers of leafy greens, has been released for sign-ups by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  

The proposed agreement, which was created by the leafy greens industry and is being facilitated by CDFA, would utilize the inspection program to verify that leafy greens handlers are complying with their own standards. Handlers are middlemen through whom product moves from field to retail.

If sign-ups indicate that there is enough participation for the agreement to effectuate its purpose, CDFA would then certify the agreement.  Handlers are being encouraged to sign-up by February 5.

The marketing agreement would be the first step in an overall plan that would then move to a marketing order, which would verify and enforce standards among all leafy greens growers.

The primary distinction between a marketing order and a marketing agreement is that participation in the order is mandatory and participation in the agreement is voluntary.  However, once handlers commit to the agreement, compliance is mandatory.

A link to the proposed marketing agreement may be found at


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