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SACRAMENTO, Friday, December 8, 2006 - California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura is announcing two vacancies on the Shell Egg Advisory Committee. The committee makes recommendations to the secretary on all matters pertaining to the Egg Quality Control Program,  including quality standards for shell eggs, uniformity of inspection, administrative fees and the annual budget.

The department’s Egg Quality Control Program works to ensure that California’s shell eggs meet the quality standards that consumers expect. Quality in the sense that wholesome, properly labeled, refrigerated eggs are available at retail stores and that cracked, dirty eggs of less than established quality are not introduced to store shelves.  Funded by the agricultural industry and implemented by the department, the Egg Quality Control Program ensures California’s high quality standards.

The vacancies are for a one public and one industry member. Industry applicants must be a registered egg handler or be a representative of a registered egg handler. Public applicants should not meet these requirements. The term of office for a committee member is three years. Committee members receive no compensation, but are entitled to payment of necessary traveling expenses in accordance with the rules of the Department of Personnel Administration.
Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment to the committee should send a brief resume by December 29, 2006 to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Egg Quality Control Program, 1220 ‘N’ Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, Attention: Anthony Herrera. For questions concerning these vacancies or additional information of the Egg Quality Control Program, please contact Anthony Herrera, Program Supervisor Egg Quality Control Program at (916) 445-4243 or e-mail:

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