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SACRAMENTO - The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Agricultural Statistics Service has released the crop production forecast for December.

Cotton – The Upland cotton production forecast is 1.5 million bales as of December 1, down 3 percent from the November 1 forecast, but up 3 percent from the 2002 crop.  Harvested acreage of 555,000 resulted in a yield of 1,297 pounds per acre. American Pima cotton production is forecast at 370,000 bales, down 3 percent from last month, and 39 percent from last year.  Harvested acreage of 139,000 resulted in a yield of 1,278 pounds per acre.  Harvest as of the first week of December was essentially complete, with the exception of a few fields being second picked.  Populations of whiteflies and aphids increased near the end of the season.

Dry Edible Beans – Dry edible bean production is estimated to be 1.48 million cwt., 16 percent below last year. Harvested acreage totaled 77,000, 13 percent below last year. The overall yield was 1,920 pounds per acre, down 3 percent from last year. At the beginning of the season, dry bean growth was reported as good overall, with favorable pod development. Warm weather in the middle of the season negatively affected the yield.  There were some reports of lygus, although not at a significant level of infestation.

California’s Agricultural Statistics Service operates under a cooperative agreement between CDFA and the United States Department of Agriculture.  Production forecasts are released on a monthly basis and do not reflect final production estimates.  Late summer and fall harvests may change these estimates considerably.  The next production forecast will be issued January 12, 2004.


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