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The following is a feed store training tutorial with sample test questions and a short test.
Disease - A disease, by definition is a deviation from normal health. The effects of disease can range from reduced production, loss of energy, to death. Disease can be infectious or non-infectious. Infectious diseases are caused by germs (microscopic organisms). In poultry, there are four main classes of disease causing agents: bacteria and viruses (germs) and fungi and parasites. Parasites can be internal, as with worms and protozoa or external such as mites and lice.
External Parasites
Poultry Mite
Poultry Mite

Poultry Louse
Poultry Louse

Internal Parasites
Tape Worm
Tape Worm

Protozoa can cause
diseases such as:
Round Worm
Round Worm

Microscopic Fungi
Microscopic fungi cause
diseases such as:
Microscopic Virus
Microscopic viruses cause
diseases such as:

Avian Influenza
Newcastle Disease
Avian Pox
Infectious Bronchitis
Marek's Disease
Microscopic Bacteria
Microscopic bacteria cause
diseases such as:
Fowl Cholera
Pullorum Disease
Fowl Typhoid
Sample Question
What are the four main classes of disease causing agents?
a) Soap, water, disinfectant, dirt
b) Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites
c) 007, your neighbor, dirty clothing, expired medication
d) Rodents, hand sanitizer, biology 101, antibiotics
Now that we have learned about disease causing agents lets' see how disease is transmitted.