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Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP)

QUARANTINE INFORMATION (Regulated Establishments Section)

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The Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) is a pest that acts as a carrier or vector spreading "huanglongbing" (HLB), a devastating disease of citrus trees. This bacterial disease is transmitted to healthy trees by the psyllid after it feeds on infected plant tissue.

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Regulated Establishments

Regulated Establishments – Bulk Citrus and Mandarin with Stem and Leaf

Please note that all Compliance Agreements for bulk citrus and mandarins with stems and leaves in the lists below are cancelled. The list above contains all new Compliance Agreements issued under the new QC Permit. All cancelled agreements will be removed from the below lists shortly. Compliance Agreements related to nursery stock still remain.

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Asian Citrus Psyllid Plant Pest Threat

Learn about the threat to California citrus from the Asian citrus psyllid insect pest, carrier of Huanglongbing or yellow shoot disease, a lethal plant pathogen.(2:06)

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