2021 Biologically Integrated Farming Systems

The Office of Pesticide Consultation and Analysis (OPCA) is offering $2,000,000 in funding to promote integrated pest management (IPM)-based options that focus on economical and efficacious biological and cultural pest management techniques while reducing chemical insecticide inputs. Further details are available here.

2021 Proactive Integrated Pest Management Solutions

The Office of Pesticide Consultation and Analysis (OPCA) is offering a $1,000,000 in funding to alleviate pest management problems related to new invasive pests. The goal of the program is to identify exotic pests likely to arrive in California and develop integrated pest management (IPM) programs which can be rapidly implemented if these pests become established in the state. The details of the funded project are available here.

2018 Small Dairy Climate Change Research

CDFA selected a research project titled "Small Dairy Climate Change Research: An economic evaluation of strategies for methane emission reduction effectiveness and appropriateness in small and large California dairies" for a grant award of $213,349. The research team is led by California Dairy Research Foundation in collaboration from University of California, Davis researchers.

This research was authorized by the Budget Act of 2017-18 which appropriated $250,000 to CDFA for small dairy climate change research. The research work will also contribute to the Small Dairy Climate Action Plan which is required by legislative mandate as part of the same budget act in 2017-18 (Item 8570-101-3228 (1) (b)).