Manure Recycling and Innovative Products Task Force

CDFA convened the Manure Recycling and Innovative Products Task Force (MRIP) to develop recommendations on how to recapture and enhance the value of dairy manure while supporting healthy soils, protecting water quality, and reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint in California. The task force met between late 2021 and 2022, producing their final report in December 2022. The task force resolved to continue periodic meetings to monitor progress and efforts following the recommendations, share information on new opportunities, and to broaden the conversation.

Task Force Documents

MRIP Final Report

In close alignment with the MRIP effort and to have preliminary technical background available for policy recommendations, the California Biomass Collective at the University of California, Davis, conducted research to provide an overview of the amount and location of surplus nutrients within California’s dairy sector and evaluate selected manure treatment technologies capable of recovering manure nutrients in useful form or otherwise reducing surpluses safely. This research report was completed in October 2022 and shared with the MRIP.

Manure Nutrient Recovery, Removal, and Reuse on California Dairies