Environmental Farming Act Science Advisory Panel (EFA SAP)

In August 2011, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross recently announced appointments to the Environmental Farming Act Science Advisory Panel. The panel is charged with reviewing and documenting agriculture's positive impacts to the environment and will examine issues such as ecosystem services and how they relate to agriculture.

CDFA's liaison to the panel is CDFA Deputy Secretary Virginia Jameson (virginia.jameson@cdfa.ca.gov).

More information on the panel, its members, and meeting information can be found by following these links:


Previous members

  • Tom Hedt
  • Jocelyn Bridson
  • Julie Alvis
  • David Bunn
  • Luana Kiger
  • Mike Tollstrup
  • Dr. Ann Thrupp
  • Dr. Louise E. Jackson
  • Daniel Mountjoy
  • Brian Leahy
  • Dr. Mark Nechodom
  • Emily Wimberger
  • Dr. Doug Parker
  • Dr. Amrith Gunasekara
  • Greg Norris