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SACRAMENTO, April 24,2019 - The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are announcing the launch of a public-private initiative to advance climate smart agriculture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on agricultural lands. This partnership will create a mechanism for leading businesses in the food and fiber supply chain to directly fund climate projects on California farms and ranches. Agricultural lands play a pivotal role in fighting climate change. This collaboration will enable private dollars to support state priorities and practices that the state uses in its climate smart agriculture programs. 

“Farmers and ranchers have long been at the forefront of the battle against climate change,” said CDFA Secretary Karen Ross. “This partnership is an opportunity for eaters and buyers to share in land-based solutions. Also, I am proud to be deepening the collaboration between CARB and CDFA, demonstrating how natural and working landscapes bring climate-change solutions to the earth.”

Rooted in the climate and agricultural expertise of CARB and CDFA, this public-private collaboration will bring together food and fiber producers, consumers, and businesses to fund on-farm carbon reductions. CARB and CDFA will convene a working group composed of subject matter experts to design an approach to invest private dollars in climate smart agricultural projects.

Jared Blumenfeld, California’s Secretary for Environmental Protection at the California Environmental Protection Agency, home to CARB, expressed his enthusiasm for this new approach. “It is incredibly exciting to see California continue to demonstrate its climate policy leadership through this program that will simultaneously address climate change and support iconic landscapes that feed the nation.”

In developing this new effort, CARB and CDFA will work with an established California non-profit, the Perennial Farming Initiative and it’s Zero Foodprint Program to launch Restore California Renewable Restaurants. Through this voluntary initiative, diners can choose zero carbon restaurants that are funding real on-farm emissions reductions.

“This initiative creates exciting new opportunities for Californians to participate in the state’s battle against climate change,” said CARB Chair Mary Nichols.  “Restore California gives every Californian who cares about climate the opportunity to put their hard-earned money where their mouth is.” 

By 2030, Restore California restaurants can deliver millions of tons of carbon reductions on California farms and ranches.  More information on Restore California Renewable Restaurants is available at:

“We’re excited to be working with CARB and CDFA on a program that will engage chefs, producers, and diners across the state in a transition to a renewable economy that is not only resilient and renewable, but also delicious, healthy, and prosperous.” Said Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint of The Perennial Farming Initiative.


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