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Citrus industry overwhelmingly approves program continuation

SACRAMENTO, Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - The state’s citrus industry has overwhelmingly approved the continuation of the California Citrus Research Program which funds research on the propagation, production, harvesting, handling and preparation for market of fresh California citrus.  Established in 1968, this industry-funded program, has successfully conducted research to help combat exotic pests and promote crop health.

“With over 90 percent of our membership supporting continuation,” said Ted Batkin, President of Citrus Research Board, “we look forward to providing the research needed to support the California citrus industry over the next several years.”

The citrus research program is administered by the California Citrus Research Board, a marketing program that is overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. One of 57 marketing programs, the California Citrus Research Board works to ensure, improve and protect the economic viability of the state’s citrus industry.

According to California State Law, at least once every five years marketing and research programs must receive input from the persons funding the program on whether or not the program should be continued. A referendum on the California Citrus Research Program was conducted in August 2007. The results of the referendum, which included a 90 percent approval of those voting, supported continuation of the research program.

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