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SACRAMENTO - The following is an estimate of crop plantings for 2002, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s California Agricultural Statistics Service. These estimates are based on a March survey of more than 2000 California farmers. The impact of weather and/or market conditions since then is not reflected in this report.

Cotton - Farmers were intending to plant 590,000 acres to Upland cotton in 2002, an 8% decrease from the acreage seeded in 2001. In addition, growers were expecting to seed 245,000 acres to American Pima cotton in 2002, up 7% from last year.

Corn - Farmers were expected to plant 500,000 acres of corn for all purposes in 2002, 4% more than last year.

Oats - Growers had planted or expected to plant 330,000 acres of oats, up 27% from 2001.

Wheat - Acreage seeded to Winter wheat is estimated at 530,000 acres, unchanged from last year. Another 95,000 acres have been seeded to Durum wheat, up 12% from 2001.

Rice - Farmers intended to seed rice on 485,000 acres, a 3% increase from the 2001 seeded acreage. The expressed intentions were to seed 455,000 acres to medium grain varieties, up 5% from a year ago. Long grain rice acreage is forecast at 10,000 acres, down 23% from last season. Short grain rice planted acreage is forecast at 20,000 acres, 20% below 2001.

Barley - Growers had planted or intended to plant 110,000 acres to barley, down 31% from the previous year.

Sugar Beets - Producers intended to plant 51,000 acres of sugar beets, up 9% from the seeded acreage in 2001.

Dry Edible Beans - Seeding of dry edible beans was planned for 110,000 acres in California, up 20% from last year.

Sweet Potatoes - Farmers were expected to plant 11,000 acres of sweet potatoes in 2002, 8% more than last year.

Hay - Producers intended to harvest hay from 1.64 million acres, 6% more than last year.

The California Agricultural Statistics Service operates under a cooperative agreement between the California Department of Food and Agriculture and USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service. The joint service prepares and distributes statistics on California agriculture.

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