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CDFA teaming up with The Home Depot and California Conservation Corps to deliver energy message
SACRAMENTO-The “Flex Your Power” campaign, which has become California’s leading symbol for energy efficiency and conservation, is reaching out to people attending the California State Fair.

CDFA is teaming up with the California Conservation Corps and The Home Depot retail chain in a partnership that will be on display at Cal Expo through September 3rd.

The Home Depot and the California Conservation Corps are sharing booth space arranged by CDFA. Corps members are handing out conservation brochures and demonstrating a special “Flex Your Power” Web site, while employees of The Home Depot are demonstrating a line of energy efficient products and responding to consumer questions.

“Californians are doing an outstanding job of cutting back on electricity usage this summer,” said CDFA Secretary William (Bill) J. Lyons, Jr. “So we want to continue delivering the conservation and efficiency messages. We think our fairs are excellent vehicles for that. I’m very pleased we were able to support this public-private partnership.”

Already this summer, the partnership has delivered conservation outreach at the Orange County Fair. The “Flex Your Power” booth is also scheduled to appear at the Los Angeles County and Fresno County Fairs. Attendance at the four target fairs is projected at 4 million people.

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