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SACRAMENTO - The California Department of Food and Agricultureís (CDFA) Agricultural Statistics Service today released the crop production forecast for January, which shows increases for some commodities when compared to estimates from last seasonís crops.

The latest survey, which was conducted during the last week of December 2000 and the first week of January 2001, includes the following commodities:

Cotton - American Pima harvested acreage is estimated at 144,000 acres, unchanged from last month. Production is set at 350,000 bales, 3 percent below last month. The resulting yield is 1,167 pounds per acre. In the Imperial Valley, cotton harvest began at the end of September and continued into early October, while the San Joaquin Valley farmers started harvesting around mid-October. As of December 1, most of the cotton in the state had been harvested. The only significant pest during the year was the Armyworm, which was reported at higher infestation levels than normal in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valley regions. Upland harvested acreage is set at 770,000 acres. Production is set at 2.20 million bales, unchanged from last month. The resulting yield is 1,371 pounds per acre, down slightly from December. Planting of the 2000 Upland cotton crop started in late March in the San Joaquin Valley, but didnít pick up until mid-April. Cool weather delayed planting, while rainfall during April forced some replanting. Much of the American Pima abandoned in the spring was replanted to Upland. The crop progressed well through the year, though, with only occasional problems. Insect pressure was generally light.

Oranges -The 2000 01 California Navel Orange forecast is 68 million cartons, unchanged from October, but 15 percent below last season's crop. Harvest is progressing, with approximately one-fourth of the crop picked by January 1. Quality is reported to be good, but growers are concerned about puff and crease. Fruit size is large, but precipitation is well below normal to date, and more is needed to facilitate growth. The 2000 01 California Valencia Orange forecast is 50 million cartons, unchanged from October's forecast, but down 7 percent from last season's crop. The new Valencia crop is maturing well with a good set reported. Picking should begin in the desert area in late February.

Lemons -The 2000 01 California lemon forecast remains at 42 million cartons, up 7 percent from last year. Bearing acreage remains at 48,500, while the yield is 866 cartons per acre. Harvest is active in the Central Valley with some harvest occurring in the Desert and Coastal regions. Size, quality and color are very good.

Tangerines -The 2000 01 California tangerine crop is forecast at 4.4 million cartons, up 10 percent from the October forecast, but down 4 percent from last yearís production. Bearing acreage remains at 8,600 and the yield is 512 cartons per acre. Satsuma harvest is nearly done, while the Mineola and Fairchild harvests remain active. The Mandarin harvest is expected to begin in February. Most of the supply is coming from the Central Valley with little coming from the Desert Regions. Fruit size and quality are exceptionally good.

Grapefruit -The 2000 01 California grapefruit forecast is estimated at 14.4 million cartons, unchanged from the October forecast, but up 3 percent from last yearís production. Bearing acreage remains at 15,400, while the yield is 935 cartons per acre. Fruit set is somewhat light compared to last season. Size and quality are extremely good. Virtually all of the fruit is coming from the desert.

Californiaís Agricultural Statistics Service operates under a cooperative agreement between CDFA and the Unites States Department of Agriculture. Production forecasts are released on a monthly basis and do not reflect final production estimates. The next production forecast will be issued February 8, 2001.

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