CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing
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Compliance and Enforcement Branch

Tabatha Chavez, Chief

The Compliance and Enforcement Branch is responsible for two primary areas of focus, the Enforcement Section and the CCTT Administrative Unit.

The Enforcement Section is a statewide program that is responsible for licensed cannabis cultivation site inspections specific to compliance with CCTT, for civil and administrative investigations and penalty assessment. The branch has six (6) geographic regions: North Coast (Region 1), North Eastern (2), Central Valley (Region 3), Central Coast (Region 4), South Eastern (Region 5) and Southern Coastal (Region 6). The program staff serve as subject matter experts to local, state, and federal law enforcement on matters of CDFA’s commercial cannabis cultivation licensing processes and the licensee’s rights and privileges.

The CCTT Administrative Unit is responsible for the administration of the CCTT-Metrc system, as well as providing administrative and customer support for all users of the CCTT system. Since 2018, the compliance and enforcement branch, working in close collaboration with the CDFA Office of Technology Services, the state’s track-and-track system vendor Metrc, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, and the California Department of Public Health developed and implemented a cannabis plant and packaging tagging system within the CCTT-Metrc system to enable the tracking and testing of all cannabis products through an assigned Unique Identifier.