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Milk Inspection Advisory Committee

Advises the Department on the administration of all provisions in Chapter 4 (Inspection Services) of Division 15 of the California Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) regarding inspection of dairy farms and milk products plants.

Members Seven members. Three representing milk products plants, two representing producers, one representing county Approved Milk Inspection Services and one public member. Except for those representing Approved Milk Inspection Services and the public, members shall be persons licensed or permitted under the authority of Division 15 of the FAC. The public member shall be a citizen and resident of California who is not subject to the licensing requirements of Division 15 of the FAC, and who has no financial interest in any person so licensed. Each committee member shall have one vote. (3CCR§588)
Length of Term 3-year Terms with Maximum of Two Consecutive Terms
Meetings per Year 1 per Year or As Needed
Meeting Location(s) Sacramento or Conference Call
Meeting Notices CDFA website
Mailings and/or electronic messaging to major dairy industry organizations
Public notice may also include CDFA press release
Board Contact Dr. Stephen Beam
Branch Chief
(916) 900-5008

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